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WMI Provider Host (High CPU Usage and Laptop Overheating) Windows10

On Boot my system opens 2 to 3 WMI Provider Host sessions.  2 of them sit a either 0% or .1% CPU Usage. The 3rd process is constantly gobbling up 10-20% CPU usage and is causing heat problems as well as lag. When I end the process by right clicking the process and selecting end or by going to the details and killing the process tree, it automatically restarts.  

I want to find the program that is using the process, I've been through the Clean Boot Method and when I start the system the process is gone, however, after investigating I can not find the process that is starting the service. I don't have Conduit Search, or any of the other "malware" related problems loaded on this machine.

I attempted to find the culprit using the WMI Tools Browser Object App, but looking at the information provided I could not make sense of it, I'm not a programmer.

I attempted to do a dump file from the process, but could not find DumpChk.exe anywhere on my system.  This is a Windows10 upgrade and I have no idea where the debug tools {that use to be on install disks} can be found.

I just want to find the program that is hogging the cpu usage to determine what it is and whether or not I need it to boot at load time.

Can anyone help me out here?

See this:


And done this on every start. After a week this problem will be automatically solved.


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